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Log Houses




How long does it take to build a Log House?

A smaller log house can take between 3 and 6 months to build. A larger log house can take between 6 and 12 months.


What does the NZ building code say about log houses?


The NZ building code does not specifically mention log houses though does allow room for NZ Log chalets to convince local authorities and councils of the durability of the redwood logs used. We have had scientific tests carried out on our materials and log houses which help in this process. However, in some parts of the country, local authorities can insist on a 2 skin log structure which we also provide.


What do log houses look like on the inside?


On the inside log houses can look just like a conventional house or they can be full log houses inside and out, the choice is yours. We can gib or tile some walls and leave others in the natural log finish. Our log houses are tailored to your requests.


Can log houses have wood burners inside?

Of course! Our log houses can be fitted with just about any heating method.


What kind of windows do log houses have?


This depends on the location and the requirements of our clients. If you are in the far north then double glazed windows are not necessary. However, in the rest of New Zealand, double glazed windows are mandatory under the New Zealand Building Code. We can and have installed aluminium framed windows in our log houses though we do recommend to our clients that timber framed double glazed windows be installed in our log houses.


How much input can I have into the design of my log house?


Here at NZ Log Chalets we see client input as being key to the process. We build the log house you want!


Does NZ Log Chalets provide already completed plans for log houses for me to choose from?


Yes, we have some standard plans for you to choose from if you would prefer not to go through the whole process of designing your own home. Though do remember that we do offer free concept plans so you might as well have a plan drawn up which suits your needs and the site perfectly.


I live in a coastal region; can I still build a log house?


Yes, we can build your log houses in a coastal region. Some of the fixings may need to be stainless steel but the log house technology remains the same.


Can log houses have a tiled floors or walls?


Yes, log houses can have tiled walls or just about any other wall finish you can think of.


Can log houses have modern bathrooms?


Log houses can be furnished with bathrooms which are state of the art. In some cases the bathroom in some of the log houses we have built do not feature any log finishes at all! However, if you would like logs in the bathroom too then this can also be achieved easily.


How much maintenance do log houses require?


As with any house, a log house does require some maintenance. It is important to check with NZ log chalets before carrying out anything other than routine maintenance. The main maintenance requirements include, cleaning gutters, washing roof finishes (like any house) and re-oiling the external walls every so often. Check with NZ Log Chalets when this is required as this may vary for each wall depending on exposure to the sun and rain.

Where can I get the oils I need for maintenance?


NZ Log Chalets stocks a full range of oils and tools you need for maintaining your log house. You never need to worry about putting the wrong oil on or not applying it properly. We can give you all the advice you need to keep your new log house looking as good as the day it was completed.