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Log Construction

We source and mill our own logs here at the NZ Log Chalets production plant in Rotorua. This way, we can control the quality and maintain the high timber standards of our logs. All NZ Log Chalet timber comes from environmentally responsible sources. Here at NZ Log Chalets, we prefer to use NZ grown Californian redwood. Scientific testing of the timber we use has confirmed the thermal insulation and durability of our redwood for all its intended purposes in our log houses.




Each house is lovingly constructed at the NZ Log Chalet production plant and assembled with care. All parts are numbers and itemised and then the log house is dismantled and shipped to whatever part of New Zealand the client wishes. Our craftsmen follow it to site and construct it to our high and meticulous standards.

NZ Log Chalets use a ‘D’ shaped log profile which is 125mm thick. A perimeter base log is bolted to a beam or bearer and this forms the plate on which the log walls sit. The logs are stacked vertically on top of each other and then jointed using custom designed steel jointing blades and timber dowels. To provide resistance to earthquakes, we insert vertical steel rods at 3m centres in all external walls.

The logs are interlocked together using a system of tongue and groove, and the corners are notched to fit snugly.

Click on the video above to see just how quick log houses can be built by NZ Log Chalets. Our unique method of jointing and construction enables us to get the walls of a typical house up in a matter of a few days.